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Teleproject UK is an established provider of both hosted and traditional telephony services to private and public sector companies and in May 2014 after forming a strategic alliance with our sister company Proud Digital we created a team dedicated to looking after the needs of our School, College and Nursery clients.


Virtual Reception:

Virtual Reception is an inbound call management system tailored to the needs of your school or nursery. You would most likely contact us about this solution if you are struggling to handle your incoming calls due to a lack of available lines or a lack of staff to answer the calls. Features include an Absentee Line, Voicemail 2 Email, Hunt Groups, Menu Options and Call Recording. There are no upfront capital costs for this product just a monthly rental.


Active iPBX:

Active iPBX is a hosted telephony solution that operates over the broadband services provided to you by County. For all intensive purposes it’s the Virtual Reception service described above, but with the addition of new IP Cisco handsets for your offices, classroom & kitchen as required. In addition to the inbound features mentioned above the IP handsets give you the following functionality, call transfer, call pick up, music on hold and call forwarding. Whilst there are upfront capital costs for this system they are heavily discounted for the education sector.


SMS Send:

SMS Send is a browser based system for broadcasting text messages to individuals or groups. It has been recognised as one of the simplest online platforms of its type. If you are currently using ParentMail, Teachers 2 Parents or one of the other established players you really should give us a call before you renew your contract. With SMS Send you only pay for the text messages that you actually send, there is a small monthly rental and the service is provided on a rolling 14 day contract.


Automated Absentee Line:

Our popular Absentee Line is guaranteed to reduce stress levels in your school office and can be set up in just a matter of days. This simple service is fronted by its own standard rate 01, 02 or 03 telephone number that can be used by parents 24/7. Callers are lead through a few simple prompts which are designed to gather the information you need, such as the child’s name, the reason for their absence and expected return date. Once this is complete the system will ask the parent to enter a contact phone number and then send you an email with all the information attached including a time and date stamp.


The Absentee Line can operate as an entirely stand alone system or you can incorporate it into your existing telephone system "to report your child’s absence please press 1". The number of prompts and the wording can be configured to meet your requirements and these prompts can be recorded by a member of your team or ours.


To find out what the caller/user experience is like you can try our demo service anytime on 0333 200 2958 any test data that you leave will automatically be deleted from our systems immediately after your call.


Traditional Calls & Lines:

Teleproject UK has direct access to BT Openreach services and can provide your school, college or nursery with Analogue, ISDN & Broadband services at specially discounted rates. As a 'fixed line' customer you can expect a first class service with responsive account management from our friendly and knowledgeable team. For a no obligation quote get in touch today and we will hold our pricing until your current contract expires and you are ready to switch.

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