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SMS Helpdesk for Support

Your customers’ time is precious.... Often they just want the convenience of simply being able to have 2 way text conversation. Send a text to a web based operator console and wait for your reply. That’s why SMS Helpdesk was developed, so you can talk with your customers via SMS at a time that suits them. And with over 80% of people keeping their phones switched on 24/7, your customers won’t miss your messages.


The SMS Helpdesk solution offers a cost effective way to manage customer enquiries efficiently and with full accountability. Customers simply text their question (via 5 digit short code or 11 digit long number) for the cost of a standard rate text message and the response they receive is free of charge.


Queries can be viewed and handled by email or online and our easy to use system creates full reports, available instantly, giving full customer history, messages sent and received, pending enquiries and final resolution. SMS Helpdesk enables staff to work remotely, allowing businesses to provide 24/7 sms management for customer support, alternatively an automated response can be set up for messages out of hours.


Flexible email or web response

Easy to operate

Cost effective and customer-centric

Full management reports

Out of hours messages


SMS Helpdesk can be implemented to manage technical and 24/7 emergency support. Using the SMS platform to set up automated questions to resolve problems quickly, saves customers' time spent queuing and on the phone and leaves phone operators free to deal with more complex enquiries.


Radio Stations and TV programmes can benefit from SMS Helpdesk managing texts in real-time, it enables live-chats and a more personal interaction with the target audience.


Information Services, as provided by Public Sector, Travel and Media organisations, can use SMS Helpdesk to handle quick fact finding enquiries or SMS brochure requests. Customers save time spent queuing on the phone and can keep the information required safe and close at hand if needed.


Why not follow the link above to our overview video which shows as an example how the SMS Helpdesk tool

can be used within a holiday park environment and if you have any questions, please do get in touch.



Video Overview